Our fresh cheese

  •  Petit frais "nature" or with spices

Available with 13 different spices :
White pepper, herbes de provence lavander,red pepper, chives, schallots, bruschetta, olives, pesto, cinnamon, nuts, rose, spring herbs and leak.

  • Crottin frais for salads and hot dishes

  •  Bûche nature which can be cut in slices for pizzas or a salad;

  •   Bouchées apéritives as a package of 18 pieces with different spices;


  •  Coeurs d'Ozo as a package of 15 pieces with different spices;

  •  Pavé "nature" or with  an ash-coating;

All these cheeses are available :

- by piece in our shop (our address)
- in specialist shops (to see the list)
- of in the best restaurants and taverns (to see the list)
- and, properly packaged, for our  distributors .

 Practical information for distributors :

- Petit frais nature :  net weight 100g, box of  12 pieces
- Petit frais aromatisé : net weight 100g, box of  12 pces
- Crottin : net weight 120g, box of 12 pces under protective atmosphere
- Bûche nature : net weight  400g, box of 4 pces onder protective atmosphere
- Bouchées apéritives :  net weight 8g, assortment of 18 pces in box;

- Coeurs d'Ozo :  net weight 40g,assortment of 15 pces in box
- Pavé nature or with ash-coating : net weight 1500g